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Climate In Africa

The Hottest continent in the world, Africa comprises of 60% of land surface that is full of deserts and dry lands. The tropical to subarctic climate is prevalent in Africa. You will find dense jungles and many savannah plains in the central to southern areas.

African Geography

Africa is the second biggest populated continent in the world is the second largest continent after Asia. It is spread over a massive land area of 30,370,000 square kilometers respectively. The lowest point in Africa is Lake Assal, and the highest point is the Mount Kilimanjaro. The Mediterranean Sea on the North, the Atlantic Ocean lies to the West and the Indian Ocean to the South-East. The North-Eastern side is surrounded by the Red Sea and Suez Canal.

African Languages

A lot of different languages and dialects are spoken in Africa. When the period of colonialism ended in the 20th century, all the independent countries adopted their national languages. But there the dominant languages in Africa that are as follows;

  1. 1. Khoisan Language
  2. 2. Niger-Congo Language
  3. 3. Nilo-Saharan Language

Popular African Attractions

Africa is a popular tourist destination and has plenty of amazing and spectacular attractions that are visited by many each year. From Tanzania to South and Africa, Kenya and Egypt, are blessed with rich history and fascinating beaches or scenic views. The notable ones include;

  1. 1. Mount Kilimanjaro: Located in Tanzania, it is known for the best adventure travel. It provides an amazing mountain hiking platform, but it takes six days to climb the mountain.
  2. 2. Kruger National Park: Spread over an area of two million hectares, it is a world-renowned park that features sixteen ecosystems and numerous flora or fauna. You can experience the fascinating walking safari or view the big five game drive.

African Food

A combination of locally produced fruits and vegetables make the cuisine of different parts of Africa. The traditional diet consists of a lot of whey, milk and curd products and that no imported food can be found. The eating and drinking habits are unique and that there are plenty f delicious meals respectively.