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Asian Geography

The total land area of the Asian continent does not include the area of the individual regions but have been independently defined on the whole. From the 18th century onwards, Asia has been divided into many independent sub-regions respectively. The five regions of Asia include Central Asia, South Asia, South-East Asia, East Asia and the Western Asia as well.

Asian Climate

The interior part of Asia has a dry climate while wet climatic conditions can be seen in the South-East Asia. The southern and the eastern parts experience the monsoon season due to the presence of Himalayas. This season results in thermal low pressure that brings much moisture and humidity in the summer season. The South-Western region is extremely icy and cold in the winter and hot and dry in the summer.

Asian Languages

  1. 1. Sino-Tibetan
  2. 2. Indo-European
  3. 3. Mon–Khmer
  4. 3. Tai–Kadai

Popular Asian Attractions

  1. 1. Mount Everest: Located in Nepal, recorded as the highest mountain in the world. Thousands of tourists visit this spectacular sight, but not all of them are able to climb it. Many of the visitors just satisfy themselves by viewing it from India, Tibet or China..
  2. 2. Taj Mahal: Built in the 17th century by Emperor Shah Jehan in the memory of his beloved wife, Taj Mahal is situated in Agra in India. It took 22 years to build the structure that has been a major tourist attraction for many years as well. Considered as one of the Seven Wonders of the World, Taj Mahal has a white marble that is encrusted by costly gems respectively.
  3. 3. Bali: Bali is a popular island in Indonesia and one of the beautiful places in the country. There is a mountain chain that divides the island into the east and west parts and the landscape consist of steep slopes and many lush plains as well. Numerous sandy beaches lie on the southern side of the island.
  4. 4. Disneyland: Located in Japan, the Tokyo Disneyland attracts many people from across the world each year. It is the first theme park outside the USA that provides plenty of entertainment and adventure to the kids and the adults.