Cheap Flights to Bulawayo

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Bulawayo Overview

Bulawayo is the second largest city of Zimbabwe with the population of 653,337 by 20012. It’s located in Matebleland which is 439 km Southwest in Harare. Being a city of Kings, there are other several names of Bulawayo like Skies, Bulliesberg, Bluez etc.

Attractive Expeditions to do in Bulawayo

This city is the asset of Zimbabwe being the pivot of many historical, traditional and national heritages. It’s a pleasure for visitors to realize the beauty of Bulawayo with their own presence rather than see it in documentaries, photographs or to listen by anyone else. So let you over view following marvelous places in advance if you have planned a trip to Bulawayo.

  • • Matobo National Park
  • • Natural History Museum
  • • Bulawayo Railway Museum
  • • Khami Ruins
  • • Dananombe Ruins
  • • The Nesbit Castle
  • • Chipangali Wildlife Orphanage and Resear
  • • Bulawayo National Gallery Zimbabwe
  • • Tshabalala Game Sanctuary
  • • Rail Leisure

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