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About Harare

Harare, the capital city of Zimbabwe was officially known as Salisbury until 1982. It’s the most populous city of the country with 1,606,000 people by 2009. Harare is the backbone of Zimbabwe’s economy and is the centre of all administrative and communicational activities. It’s a hub of trading of cotton, maize, tobacco and citrus fruits like oranges, grapefruits etc. Harare is also quite popular in manufacturing of various goods including textiles, metals, chemicals and especially gold which is been extracted from the mines of this versatile region.

Tourism Attractions in Harare to /Amaze you

The stunning outlook of the city is quite inspiring but when you will thoroughly visit Harare to experience its amusing, adventurous and appealing sites, it will definitely compel you to think about again and again booking of cheap flights for this trip. We have mentioned below the top attractions in Harare to make an expedition ready.

  • • Kuimba Shiri Bird Sanctuary
  • • Bally Vaghan Animal Sanctuary
  • • Mukuvisi
  • • Lion and Cheeta Park
  • • Thetford Game Reserve
  • • Harare Gardens
  • • National Botanic Gardens
  • • Ewanrig Botanical Gardens
  • • Lake Chivero Recreational Park
  • • Cleveland Dam Recreational Park
  • • Doon Estate and Chapungu Valley
  • • Raintree Venue
  • • National Gallery of Zimbabwe
  • • Nalancing Rocks
  • • Zimbabwe Nuseum of Human Sciences
  • • Ngoma Kurira- The Mountain of Drums
  • • Avondale Flea Market
  • • Gift and Specialty Shops
  • • Umfurudzi Park
  • • Haka Game Park
  • • Breman Seward Art
  • • Nature and Wildlife Tours
  • • Safaris


Harare has subtropical climate and usually, has three main seasons in a year. One is warm with humidity and lasts from November till March. Second the cool and dry winters which occur in May and lasts till August. Third is hot summer, starts in September and heats up the atmosphere till October.

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