Cheap Flights

There are a lot of people who are cancelling their holiday plans just because they think they are unable to find cheap fights. Skyline Travels UK have now made it possible to find cheap flights to any destination around the world. Booking cheap tickets with Skyline Travels UK is very easy and affordable. You just need to follow the below few steps.

Book your flights early

Due to increase in the prices on almost everything these days, finding cheap tickets at the final moment or even one month before the planned departure is not that simple. Skyline Travels UK suggests and recommends all the passengers to book their holidays at least six to seven months in advance. People who book their tickets in advance have more chances to avail the promotional prices that are thrown by many airlines frequently because at that time the airlines still has a lot of promotional seats available.

Secondly, our Book Now and Pay Later option is also available for all our customers who are willing to purchase their tickets in installments.

Be Flexible with your dates

Majority of the airlines change their airfares more often. So it is a good approach to be flexible with your travelling dates. The flight prices fluctuate almost every day of a week and there is no evidence that the prices are cheaper on any particular day of a week. So the Question is why ticket prices are not stable every day? Some of the major common possibilities are as below:

  • Cancellation of a Reservation or Booking by someone.
  • A specific quota not met by the airline.
  • Increase or decrease in airport taxes, airline taxes etc.
  • Increase or decrease in currency exchange rates.
  • Increase or decrease in a Base Fare set by the airline.
  • Promotional fare time limit expired by the airline.

We at Skyline Travels UK try our best to find for the cheapest tickets by searching through flexibility of dates on our system. For e.g. if you are willing to depart on Sunday and there are more cheaper options available on Monday then you may save more money by just only one day difference.

Be Flexible with Airports

Being flexible with the departure and arrival airports is a great idea too. There are many cities around the world that have more than one airport. It is worth to arrive or depart from a different airport in a city if it is saving you good amount of money.

Choose Longer Stopover flights

It has been practiced a lot of times that flights having a longer stopover are very cheaper as compared to those which have shorter connections or going direct. You might reach your destination a bit late but if you look in terms of cash then you may save and have more cash in your pocket. You just have to confirm us if you are happy with longer routes so that we can provide you those options as well.

Book with Skyline Travels UK

Our booking and reservation process is very straight and simple. Once you are satisfied with the flight options provided by our travel consultant then we just need the following simple information from you:

  • Names of the passengers as per passport
  • Contact Number
  • Email address

After collecting the above information we will send you a flight confirmation email that will include our price quotation, your complete flight itinerary with airline reference number, the mode of payment and the time limit to complete full payment will also be mentioned if you are paying by installments.

Your tickets will be issued and emailed to you soon after final payment is done and also we have received your written approval to our Flight Confirmation email stating clearly that the booking details and all other information mentioned on our email are correct.

Wait No More. Just give us a call and the rest will be done by Skyline Travels UK.