Privacy Policy








The Skyline Travel UK has set out its policy in a manner that the information is considered to be a valuable matter. Whatever information we collect, how we gather it and what becomes of it is secretly confidential. Our privacy policy is available on our website and applies to each and every individual. You need to ensure that whomever you represent in all the dealings with us is aware of the content of our policy and agree to your acting on behalf of them.


Personal Details:

This information includes your name, contact number, address, special needs (dietary or disability) and travel preferences that you provide to us. It may also include activities, interests and your social preferences of another individual which you may represent at the time of the booking.

Your information only collected when you request such details from us, make a booking, as well as contact us or even use our website through social media respectively. This applies to our business partners as well who collect information from you as you request for it. Moreover, we will update your information your details as and when needed to make them accurate and complete.

Our Usage of Your Information

  • To provide quality and timely services, that constitutes your holiday, flight, security, insurance or incident management, we might process or disclose your information outside the UK. It is obligatory for you to disclose your information while traveling abroad to the security, immigration, border control and for any antiterrorism purposes.

  • It is possible that we process and gather your information for some purposes and in accordance to the registration with the Office of the Information Commissioner. They include service, customer care, administration, quality and improvement activities, business management, operation and efficiencies and the product innovation and choice, as well as fraud and crime prevention, dispute resolution, social media reviews, advertising and loyalty programs.

  • Under the Data Protection Act 1998, the information about health or religion is considered to be sensitive personal data. We assemble information to offer you our services, act in your interest and fulfill your requirements efficiently. We only accept such information when you give your consent for using it.

Security Statement

We have taken appropriate adequate steps and deployed the measures that will protect your information at all times.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

Whenever changes are made to the privacy policy, they will be posted on our website or made available on request.