Terms & Conditions

When you decide to purchase a ticket yourself or on someone’s behalf, you pledge that you are authorized to accept the terms and conditions to make the reservation. You agree to all the booking terms for any flights by acting as an honest individual.

Price and Rates

In the case of changes in price fares or exchange rates, we reserve the right to make amends and change the airfare rates accordingly. You will be required to pay any additional amount if there is an increase in the cost of services tax changes, price increases and even at the times of exchange rate fluctuations. Or if you do not choose to pay, you can withdraw your reservation that will result in the cancellation fees.

The prices of all the flight tickets are dependent on availability and that they can be changed or disclosed without any notice.


The policies about the international conventions and supplier’s terms can become available on demand in the form of copies. No contract will come into existence unless you agree to it when you book a flight till the time we verify your full payment and have issued a verification invoice respectively.

The booking services are only available for those that are eighteen years of age or older. As soon you book with us, you verify that you agree to all conditions on your behalf or if you are representing someone else. If you are booking on somebody’s behalf, you are liable to make the full payment. It is obligatory for you to provide us with exact and genuine details of yourself or other party as and when needed at the time of booking. You need to remember that all the contracts that get established with Skyline Travels UK are subjected to the English law and to the special command of the courts of English and Wales.

Travel Arrangements

  • Reservations through telephone: You have to ensure that the entire information that you give us is correct and that the credit or the debit card you are using has sufficient funds to cover the cost of booking with us. As soon as you agree, we will charge some fee on your payment and immediately send a verification invoice. From this stage onwards, the cancellation charges will apply.

    The booking verification through telephone is confirmed firmly similar to the manner when you book in the travel agent office. Please verify the details when you receive the confirmation message and inform us instantly on the same day. Otherwise, changes cannot be made later on if something is not right.

  • Reservations through the website: If you book online, you have to provide the relevant details. You should ensure that the debit or credit card you use is valid and consist of required funds that you fulfill your travel arrangements.

    We will send you the confirmation email after we have received and confirmed your booking. The email will include the debit payment and the invoice of your booking. It should be noted that we do not make warranty or any illustration pertaining to the flight or the holiday package. Nor do we make a guarantee that our booking services are free from any viruses that may be harmful to your computer system.


  • Cash Amount: At the time of confirmation, bookings that are 1000 pounds or less and those whose expiry date is 4 days or less, then you will need to pay the full amount respectively. Bookings that are above 1000 pounds or which will get expired after 45 days, then you have to make a deposit of 200 pounds per flight in advance. The exact amount will get debited automatically on the credit card that is used for booking. And that any reservation that is not deposited through us at this stage, will get canceled without the notification.

  • Reservations that are done over the holiday season like Christmas, New Year and even festivals require a non-refundable deposit between 300 pounds to 500 pounds. And that the final payment needs to be done sixty days before the time of flight.

  • Bookings that are made less than thirty days before departing require a credit card surety when you make a reservation. If you request a particular booking, then the entire payment will be taken automatically.

Final Payment

The final payment about the booking is mandatory 30 days before the departure. Until the final payment is cleared in our office, no ticket will be provided to you. But the terms for the final payment to confirm tour details and the flights may differ as well. You have to bear in mind that the final payment may also differ if there is a change in exchange rate or that the price increments has been applied by the supplier or the wholesaler.

Payment through Cheque

We only accept payments through cheque when you make a booking fifty days before your departure. We do not charge any fee on payments that are made through direct deposit or cheque.

Payment through Card

1. Debit Cards:

  • There is no surcharge on debit card payments.
  • We accept Maestro and Debit cards.

2. Credit Card and Other Cards

  • We accept JCB, Visa, American Express and MasterCard.
  • Credit cards are acceptable for making payments.
  • Except for American Express Card that incurs 4 percent surcharge, a 3 percent surcharge is applied on the cards.

It should be noted that third party documentation policy gets applied when the card holder name is different than the traveler.

Card Fees

We charge a certain fee on credit card payments that gets applied automatically. For American Express Card it is 4 percent, while for MasterCard and Visa it is 3 percent respectively.

Payment through Cash

1. Cash Payment through Bank Transfer or to the Company’s Bank Account

  • You have to quote your booking reference number when you make a cash deposit.
  • Our Bank Account details can be requested from our travel consultants.
  • It is mandatory for you to quote your name and booking number each time you send our travel agents your details.

2. Cash Payment in Office

  • You can pay through cash directly at our office. But we suggest that you inform us before coming to the office so that we keep the voucher or ticket ready for you.
  • You also have to make a notification call to the travel agent once you have paid in the bank.
  • Each time you send a payment, please do provide your name and booking number.

Standard Cancellation Policy

  • Deposited reservations that are cancelled thirty or more days prior to travel are non-refundable. You will charge for this and have to pay the given cancellation fees.
  • Those bookings that get cancelled within the thirty days are non-refundable.
  • Refunds of the surcharge fees for American Express card and Credit Cards will be less because the credit card companies do not refund the fee.

Flight Cancellation Policy

  • The flight reservations are entirely non-transferable and non-refundable.
  • If you intend to cancel, you to state this in writing to the travel counselor that is handling your booking.

Special Cancellation Terms

The definite accommodation carries the additional charges if there is a cancellation. The cancellation charges and the costs are mentioned under the pricing section on e-ticket and will be stated to you at the time of the booking.

Amendment Fees

  • If you decide to change a confirmed booking, you will need to pay a fee. We charge £45 on those bookings that are valued up to £1000 and £65 on those that are valued more than £1000.
  • The amendment charges get applied on each of the fees. This can be more than those that get applied by the airline or the supplier.
  • Any cancellation or change of services after your holiday has begun will result in a penalty. There will be no refund for services that are not used.
  • In case of any injury, services problems or even cancellation of the service, you need to inform Skyline Travels UK that will enable us to solve your problem or provide you timely assistance.

Changes and cancellation terms by Skyline Travel UK

  • We reserve the right to make any amendment to your travel arrangements.
  • Many of the changes will be minor, but we will inform about them as early as possible.
  • We even have the right to cancel your booking at any time.
  • In case we fail to fulfill your travel arrangement, then you can reimburse your full amount or accept an alternative arrangement that is equivalent to the initial one if it is available.
  • If a major change is done for your holiday, we will inform you in time before you depart.

Pricing Policy

  • 1. All airfares are subject to availability.
  • 2. Once a confirmed invoice has been granted, the price on the invoice will only differ if you change your booking.
  • 3. We try our utmost to prevent additional surcharges, but we have the right to apply any cost if it is levied by the suppliers.
  • 4. After we have got the full payment in cleared funds, there will be no add-ons on the air tickets and the tickets will be issued.
  • 5. The ticket prices will only get changed if there is an increase in the transportation charges, changes in taxes, government action as well as if there are fees payable for the services or changes in the exchange rates.
  • 6. If there is an increase in cost, Skyline Travels UK will charge an amount that is equal to 2 percent of the invoice price and individual has to pay the remaining balance.
  • 7. But if the cost decreases, which is 2 percent of the invoice, then a refund will be paid to you

Claims and Complaints

  • If you experience any problem during your trip, you should notify our agent, staff or the supplier. This will enable us to solve your issue as earliest as possible.
  • If the issue does not get solved, you can contact us in writing within the 28 days after you return.
  • But if you fail to bring the problem in our notice, then this will influence the claim that you may make later on.

Flight Travel Documents and Flights

  • Mostly the flights are on time. So you are required to check in on-time. But the flight time may change due to weather condition, air traffic control limitations, and operational or maintenance procedures.
  • But if you are late, we are not liable to make special arrangements for you at all. The travel arrangements are at the sole discretion of the concerned airline.
  • You need to remember that a direct flight does not necessarily mean that it will be a non-stop flight.
  • We are eligible to alter the airline if it is blacklisted according to the European Union regulations.

Checking and Dispatch of Travel Documents

It is obligatory for you to provide the actual and correct documents and information for your traveling. They should match the details that you provide at the time when you make a booking.


The majority of the airlines provide only the electronic form of the tickets or the e-tickets on many routes respectively. If you request for a paper ticket, we can arrange it for you. But for the paper ticket, we will charge an administrative fee of £15 on the ticket in addition to the application charge by the airline.


  • As per the changes in transportation, additional costs get applied on the dues, taxes, price of fuels and this affects the exchange rates, as well as fees taxable for services like the landing taxes at the airports and ports. This means that the given price of your travel arrangement might amend after you have made the reservation. If you intend to cancel your insurance premium, you can do so within 14 days from the date that is printed on the final invoice.
  • But there will be no further amendments during the thirty days before your departure.
  • We will bear the increase in rates or costs that amount to 2 percent of your travel arrangements, except any changes in charges and the insurance premiums.
  • You will be charged if the costs are more than 2 percent and you need to pay additional amount that will cover the agent’s commission.
  • If you are unable to transfer your policy or cannot reuse it, then we may consider a sufficient refund of the insurance premium paid.
  • If you intend to cancel your insurance premium, you can do so within 14 days from the date that is printed on the final invoice.


  • Currency: All the rates are mentioned in pound sterling; otherwise they will be stated in the respective currencies.
  • Validity of Rates: For the dates indicated, the prices are applicable.
  • Payment Options: The Skyline Travels UK provides a secured server that makes your card payments safe. You can even choose to fax us information about your credit card, send a cheque or make direct deposit respectively.

Our Responsibility

It should be understood that we only act as a booking travel agent for the third party suppliers to manage your booking. We are not liable for any injury, personal death or loss that is caused by someone else’s negligence.

1. Law

  • Your booking might also be subjected to the local laws and the customs that may change at periodic basis.
  • It is vital for you to check the passports and visa requirements, and that your documents are in order and valid as well.
  • As far as the visa is concerned, you need to inquire about its details from the respective Consulate or the Embassy that issues it.
  • The requirements may still differ, so you have to ask the concerned agent or representative before your booking and departure.
  • We have no legal obligation if somehow you are unable to board a flight or are disallowed to enter a respective country due to your misconduct or wrongdoing. Or if you are denied to board a flight for not carrying the right documents, passport or visa as authorized by the airline, then we cannot help at all.

2. Departure Taxes

  • It is not possible to include all the departure taxes on the tickets. In few cases you need to pay the departure tax when you are leaving the UK.
  • The departure taxes are non-refundable.

3. Telephone Calls

  • From time to time we may record the telephone calls randomly so that our customer service gets reviewed and becomes better for the people.

4. Site Copyright

  • We own the rights of all the maps, context, presentations methods, navigation elements and the design elements that are mentioned on our website.
  • The copyright on the entire descriptive text and the selected photos or images is held by the Skyline Travels UK.
  • In case where there is a joint copyright over the images, we reserve the right to follow the copyright infringements that are on behalf of the primary copyright holder.
  • But if the copyright of text or images belongs to the third party, then we will protect the copyright on behalf of the third party.
  • The entire HTML files that are used on the website belong to Skyline Travels UK and are acknowledged as the proprietary software product. They will only be used by us and are in accordance with the foreign intellectual property conventions.
  • The custom graphics that are displayed on the website can only be used by Skyline travels UK.
  • The text files, HTML documents and the image files on the website cannot be reused, copied or transferred for the commercial purposes without the written permissions granted by the Skyline Travels UK.